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Using our services you can rapidly generate both P-element and site-specific transgenic Drosophila lines carrying different reporter gene constructs, expression constructs and test gene function by dsRNA microinjection. More than 1000 transgenic lines generated and more than 200 dsRNAs injected and analysed. Our device : Quality, Rapidity and Competitive pricing.
Welcome !
Fly / Transgenesis / dsRNA / Microinjection Facility
Fly Facility becomes a part of TEFOR a French Infrastructure Project founded for the period 2012-2018.
Within the TEFOR project Fly Facility develops new activities and services:

  • TALEN-based Drosophila gene knock-outs
    Image Exemple

  • Generation and phenotyping of a new collection of Drosophila transgenic lines
    dedicated to intersectional approaches
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