Welcome to Fly Facility !
Using our services you can rapidly generate both P-element and PhiC31 integrase-mediated site-specific transgenesis.
Drosophila lines carrying different reporter gene constructs, expression constructs and test gene function by dsRNA microinjection. Fly-Facility associated with a research lab has a longstanding experience in Drosophila transgenesis. Our device : Quality, Rapidity, Flexibility and Competitive pricing.

Fly Transgenesis and dsRNA Micoinjection Facility has been initially created in 2005 to provide Drosophila transgenesis and dsRNA injection services to members of the European Network MYORES.
From 2008 Fly Facility becomes University platform and is open to the entire scientific community and to private customers.

Our staff :

  • Teresa Jagla, PhD
    Facility Coordinator and technological development
  • Aurelie Puissochet
    Research Associate - Embryo injector and webmaster
  • Jean-Philippe Da Ponte
    Research Associate - Embryo aligner and larvae picker
  • Krzysztof Jagla, PhD
Fly Facility is the University Platform associated with the Université d’Auvergne (UdA) at Clermont-Ferrand. The UdA financial and administration services ensure the follow up of customer orders. Fly Facility is also directly associated with K. Jagla research team in Genetics Reproduction and Development (GReD ) laboratory and benefits of counseling from the local fly experts.

funded new Fly Facility staff:

  • Dr. Monika Zmojdzian
    Expert in imaging and embryo phenotyping
  • Dr. Ouarda Taghli
    Expert in genetics
  • Dr. Svetlana de Joussineau
    Fly stocks manager
  • Céline Diot, Nicolas Allègre
    TALEN team

funded new Fly Facility lab space and equipment:

  • Two new air-conditioned fly rooms for keeping generated transgenic fly stocks.
  • A second microinjection station dedicated to TALEN injections
  • A molecular biology lab and equipment for genotyping and mapping TALEN induced mutations
  • Confocal microscope LEICA SP8 dedicated to phenotyping transgenic line collections and equipped
    with High Content Screen module for automated image acquisition and analyses

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